Thursday, June 1, 2006

Think it's bad when an airline looses your luggage?

When Colorado Springs resident Mike Rios put his 14-year-old son Lucas Rios on an United Airlines flight to South Bend., Ind., little did he think the 14-year-old would be misplaced like a piece of luggage - especially when he paid about $60 to $75 for an escort service.

The mix-up happened Monday when Lucas was napping during his lay-over in Chicago and a 10-year-old boy, who did not speak English, was escorted onto Lucas' flight, according to the South Bend Tribune, who first reported the story. The 10-year old was originally bound for Taipei, Taiwan via Tokyo.

The flight that departed without Lucas was turned around mid-flight and redirected to Chicago. The 10-year old was escorted back to the gate, Lucas reclaimed his rightful seat and the flight was departed.

As part of the child escort service on connecting flight, employees take children from the planes to the lounge whereupon another employee finds the child's ticket and calls out the child's name. The child stands up and is escorted onto the departing flight. According to Lucas, children do not carry their own ticket, nor are they required to show identification.

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