Friday, June 1, 2007

Wachovia poised to compete

Wachovia banks aren't in the Springs, but its recent buyout of A.G. Edwards brokerage could be the starting point for expansion of the bank here and in the state. Wachovia already owns World Savings banks in the Springs. Put them all together and we could see World branches turning into Wachovias to make easier access for customers to visit for banking and brokerage services. A.G. Edwards' offices in the state, 16 in all, combined with Wachovia Securities offices, 10 in all, also could give the Wachovia name more presence and also serve as banking branches in addition to the 32 World Savings locations, including three in the Springs. Wachovia is in a situation to reposition itself as a major competitor with Wells Fargo and Ent in the Pikes Peak region. Stay tuned.
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More on Ramtron exec pay

This bit of information got cut from a story in Thursday's Business section because of space. The story explained the perks Colorado Springs-based publicly traded companies offer their execs.

A study of Ramtron’s executive compensation last year by Massachusetts-based DolmatConnell & Partners found the company’s salaries were at market levels, but its stock-based awards were below what competitors were paying their executives, according to its proxy.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Taeus seeks higher profile

Started as a home-based business 15 years ago, Taeus International Inc. showed off its new offices in the Presidio building, 1155 Kelly Johnson Blvd., near Interstate 25 and North Academy Boulevard, during an open house today.
Art and Kathleen Nutter started the company to focus on reverse engineering of semiconductors and electronic systems to provide evidence in patent infringement, litigation and licensing cases. Taeus, which is an acronym for tearing apart everything under the sun, now employs 30 full-time staffers and has contracted with 246 engineering consultants in Colorado and more than 2,000 worldwide in the past 15 years.
"In the last 15 years, Taeus has directly impacted the Colorado Springs community by providing well-paid consulting jobs to almost 250 engineering professionals and technical subject matter experts in the area," said Glenn Wheeler, the company's vice president of engineering.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

OSHA releases pandemic flu guidelines for health care workers

The U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration on May 21 released new safety and health guidelines for healthcare workers and their employers preparing for a possible influenza pandemic.

Technical information on infection control and industrial hygiene practices to reduce the risk of infection in healthcare settings, workplace preparations and planning, plus OSHA standards, are outlined in the report. It's called "Pandemic Influenza Preparedness and Response Guidance for Healthcare Workers and Healthcare Employers." It is available at

In February, OSHA released general guidance for all types of workplaces, including how the virus is spread and how exposure in the workplace would likely occur. Should a pandemic occur, OSHA will provide up-to-date information and guidance to the public on the Web site.

PPAR grant money

The Pikes Peak Association of Realtors has about has $12,600 in grant money for qualified Pikes Peak area nonprofit organizations and public agencies providing affordable housing. Grant applications will be accepted through July 6.

The money comes from
the Colorado Association of Realtors Housing Opportunity Foundation (CARHOF), a nonprofit foundation that assists housing efforts across the state.

To be eligible for a grant, organizations must be based in the Pikes Peak region, have a housing related mission and be a public agency or nonprofit agency with a 501©3 status.

Applications are available at the association's office, 430 N. Tejon St. Or contact Michele Van Metre at 633-7718 ext 114 or

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The sweet life at Michelle's

Some odd items on the upcoming auction list for Michelle's shop downtown give a glimpse at what life may have been like working downstairs in the candy factory:
  • Sleeping bag
  • Sony Boom box
  • Booo-oploy board game
  • Brass cow bells
Draw your own conclusions.

The auction will be June 19-21. A complete list of auction items is expected to be posted at at the end of this week.