Thursday, July 27, 2006

Office fashion or faux pas?

Our Business article about dressing in the workplace (7/24/06, Clothes Case) generated a lot of response, primarily from female readers and primarily complaining about the "before" and "after" office attire photographs.

"Were the photos flopped?" one caller asked.

"Is this a joke?" another wondered.

"I'm embarrassed for this model -- did she consent to this?" another asked.

Some were less polite.

"I would not hire (this image consultant) to outfit my dogs!!!! She has about as much fashion sense as a first grader," one reader e-mailed me.

At issue appears to be the length of the pants and the jacket sleeves in the "after" shot. The pantsuit was off the rack at Stein Mart.

The illustration was intended to show how the "after" outfit is more figure flattering and slimming, makes the executive look younger and says "professional" rather than "matronly."

Image consultant Tia Warren's response to all the hullabaloo?

"I could dress the woman in a potato sack for the "before" shot and some people would say they liked it better than the "after" picture."

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