Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Colorado Springs test a blockbuster

Blockbuster Video is using the Colorado Springs area to test out a new policy that management believes could give them a leg up on chief online competitor Netflix. The open-ended policy allows Blockbuster Online customers to return their movie to a Blockbuster store and get a free in-store movie rental. Subscribers can take their movie in a sealed return envelope to any one of 20 stores in Colorado Springs, Falcon, Fountain, Monument, Woodland Park, Pueblo or Canon City and the store will return it to the Online division.

The free in-store rental is subject to normal in-store rental rules, including no late fees, and it must be returned by the store’s normal due date. This rental offer is in addition to the free in-store rentals that are given with a Blockbuster Online subscription. The plan allows Blockbuster Online subscribers the option of getting a new movie the same day they return it instead of waiting for a new one to be mailed and is available as an addition to the number of DVDs allowed out at a time from Blockbuster Online.

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