Tuesday, August 29, 2006

GattiTown ... we're still on the outskirts

The Mr. Gatti's pizza chain is trying to enliven its brand with a new GattiTown model it is testing in Frisco, Texas. Described as "Chuck E. Cheese on steroids," it is 40,000 square feet of pizza, pasta, video games, carnival rides, bumper cars and big screen TVs. A corporate executive mentioned Colorado Springs as just the sort of place where GattiTown might work to a Dallas Morning News reporter. But Mr. Gatti's CFO Steve Burt said there is "nothing concrete" yet about making any move into the Colorado market. Burt said the reference to Colorado Springs in the Morning News story by Jim McBride of the parent company Blue Sage Capital LP "probably came up because it is a market we have talked about as attractive."

1 comment:

briansmac said...

Mr Gattis would be nice here...hopefully out by the flea market Platte/Powers area! Mazzio's Pizza out of Oklahoma would be good also...they have the best deep pan cheesy pizza!!