Wednesday, September 20, 2006

"What Happens Here, Stays Here"

The creative director of the well-known advertising tourism campaign for Las Vegas - What Happens Here, Stays Here - was the guest speaker at the Pikes Peak Advertising Federation's luncheon Tuesday.

Randy Snow of R&R Partners showed the group of advertisers the progression of the ad campaign from capitalizing on the traveler's need for freedom to capitalizing on the idea that Vegas is a playground for adults where they can misbehave. The reason for the campaign's success was the actors who improvised in many of the commercials, according to Snow. The commercials hit home with viewers because a lot of the commerical's message was left unsaid, leaving the viewer to become engaged in the story line, Snow said.

The Pikes Peak Advertising Federation is collecting nominations for the 2006 ADDY Awards. Submissions are due Oct. 10. For more information, visit

The next Pikes Peak Advertising Federation luncheon, Oct. 10, will feature Jake Jabs, owner of American Furniture Warehouse.

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Sarah Colwell said...

If you haven't visited the Las Vegas Tourism Web site, you should check it out.

The current ad campaign asks the question, "If you could be anyone in Las Vegas, who would you be?"
You click on the image and are directed to a page where you can create an identity.

The computer will then pick a character based on the amount of of bravery, smoothness, style, attitude and creativity you want your character to have.

You then select a name and place of origin. My name was Ginger from Fiji. The computer said I was a Hip Hop producer.

It then gives you a character bio, tells you how to "walk the walk" and give you "your story."

It also gives a real Web site on your company, in my case Non Phat Records, and the ability to print out business cards.
And the phone number on the business card actually works! Mine had a message machine from Non Phat Records saying they are doing "a jam in Vegas."

Hours of entertainment to be had by all.