Thursday, November 9, 2006

VW keeps the beat

Volkswagen's creation of the mobile amp hasn't electrified Colorado Springs buyers.

Heuberger Motors reports that the automaker's promotion that enables new VW buyers to get a First Act GarageMaster electric guitar that plays through the car's audio system hasn't been met with much fanfare from the 60 locals who have bought new VWs from the dealership since the promotion began Oct. 3.

The deal is being hyped on television commercials, radio commercials and print advertising, featuring Velvet Revolver guitarish Slash (formerly of Guns N' Roses) Grammy-award winning artist John Mayer and actor Christopher Guest of This Is Spinal Tap.

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Tabasco06 said...

I have seen the Slash and John Mayer commercials and I think its a cool concept. It definitely makes people remember the commercial and product. My friends and I were all talking about it the other day.