Tuesday, May 1, 2007

How to contact Thriving Child Corp.

An article in the April 28 Business section about Thriving Child Corp., a new business in town that aims to reduce childhood obesity, omitted the contact information. Here it is.

Thriving Child Corp. is offering a free, four-week introductory course for children ages 8 to 12. It includes swimming at the Manitou Springs Pool & Fitness Center, nutrition education and family counseling.

After the free sessions, the program cost is $600 for 12 weeks. That includes 36 hours of supervised swimming, 12 hours of parental nutrition eduation, 12 hours of children’s nutrition education and six hours of whole family group counseling.

For more information, call Colleen Hurley at 1-800-719-6756, or see www.thrivingweb.com.


Anonymous said...

I enrolled my child in this program, yet is was cancelled after only the second day with no reason or warning. I will not enroll my child in this again and will tell friends NOT to sign up. The swim coach and nutritionist were great, but it was the CEO who told us it was cancelled. My daughter finally had hope and Mr. McCance just pulled the plug. I will not subject my daughter to this heartbreak and disappointment again. His own children were in that class, if he could do it to them, he'll do it your kids.

sdmccance said...

It was with serious thought and sincere regret that the first, 4-week, TCC program was canceled. The company experienced some unexpected turnover and simply did not have enough time to fill the vacant position. All participants were offered six weeks of complimentary classes in upcoming fall session.
Our apologies,
Shawn McCance
CEO, Thriving Child Corporation