Monday, June 4, 2007

New insurance plan rewards wellness

Health insurers have figured out if people stay healthy and avoid getting a chronic disease, health care costs less.

Insurance company Destiny Health on June 7 will launch in Colorado a new Empowerment Plan that teaches wellness strategies and motivates members on how to stay healthy.

Priced similar to traditional plans, Destiny's new plan rewards members for participating in activities that support good health through prevention, fitness, lifestyle and education. Members earn "Vitality Bucks," good for buying online merchanidse, movie tickets, gym membership and vacation packages.

The plan currently covers 60,000 members nationally, in Illinois, Texas and Maryland. It also will launch in Michigan this month. A 2004 plan survey found that members have a 15 percent reduction in health care costs over a three-year period, compared with non-members. That saves employers money, Destiny Health claims -- $2.5 million annually for companies with 5,000 employees or more.

For more information, call Destiny Health at (312) 224-7100.

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