Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Oakwood is not Oakwood

Denver-based Oakwood Homes wants Colorado Springs-area home buyers to know: it's not affiliated with Oakwood Construction and Oakwood Building and Development. Those companies were featured in a recent KOAA-TV news story that reported on a Canon City-area development and problems homeowners are having with cracking walls, ceilings and other structural defects. Jay Walther, president of Oakwood Homes' Colorado Springs division, sent letters to area media outlets to make certain they understand his company has no relationship with those mentioned in the KOAA report -- although KOAA also added such a qualifier at the end of its story. Oakwood Homes bills itself as Colorado's largest privately held, local builder. It entered the Colorado Springs market in 2006, and currently is one of the more active builders in Fountain, south of town. More information on Oakwood Homes: 380-5040 or www.morehouselessmoney.com.

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