Friday, June 22, 2007

A Hyatt for the Springs -- sort of

Colorado Springs has its first Hyatt hotel, sort of.
The former AmeriSuites hotel at 503 Garden of the Gods Road was converted to a Hyatt Place hotel on May 25 amid a $2 million renovation set for completion June 28. The 124-room hotel was built in 1997 as a Sumner Suites hotel and was converted to the AmeriSuites brand in 2000.
Chicago-based Global Hyatt Corp. acquired the AmeriSuites chain in 2005 and will convert all 120 hotels to the Hyatt Place brand by year’s end. The chain also operates two hotels in Englewood and Lone Tree and is scheduled to open another property in Aurora next month.

The Hyatt Place chain targets business travelers in a niche between limited-service and full-service hotels, meaning the hotel has no bell staff or restaurant, but does have a café and some room service at rates currently ranging from $109 to $179 a night. The lobby area, which Hyatt Place calls The Gallery and is show above, features a check-in kiosk, a coffee and wine café, a television viewing area and computers and printers for guests.

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