Monday, July 16, 2007

Big publicity for Mr. Biggs

How does a Colorado Springs business go about getting nationwide attention? By getting robbed by a pair of knuckleheaded thieves, that's how. When news of a robbery of the Mr. Biggs Family Fun Center in Colorado Springs -- now called Bigg City -- hit local television stations and The Gazette, it quickly grabbed attention from the national media, too. In June, two burglars with door keys, pass codes and safe combinations sought to rob the northwest Colorado Springs amusement center. Their antics were captured by a security camera, which the thieves unsuccessfully sought to disable by spraying with WD-40. When they couldn't figure out how to actually open three safes, the thieves used a nearby computer and did a Google search for “how to open a safe” and “how to crack a safe.” The security video of the thieves repeatedly spraying the security camera -- the WD-40 kept dripping off -- and moving from safe to safe made its way July 11 to Good Morning America as the program's "Picture of the Morning." Hosts Diane Sawyer and George Stephanopoulos referred to the thieves as "the Google guys," and showed a portion of the video. ABC radio commentator Paul Harvey, who typically ends his reports on a lighter note, used the story to finish one of his daily newscasts. As of July 13, the thieves were still at large.

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