Monday, August 27, 2007

Cinemark in Woodland Park?

Could movie theater chain Cinemark be coming to Woodland Park? Tom Owens, a senior vice president of real estate for Texas-based Cinemark, said Thursday, Aug. 23, the chain might have an announcement in 30 days about a fourth movie theater complex for the Colorado Springs area. Asked where, Owens would only say the company has a particular site in mind, but he wouldn't disclose if it's north, south, east or west. However, Owens added that he and his wife are building a house in Woodland Park, and that the fourth complex would be smaller than Cinemark's two other existing theater complexes and a third that's soon to start construction. Joe Demello, who's managed the Gold Hill Theatres in Woodland Park for 17 years, said he doesn't think the area is big enough for two theaters. Cinemark operates the 20-screen Tinseltown complex on the Springs' south side and a 17-screen complex on the city's east side. A third, 14-screen complex is expected to open in January 2009 as part of the 153-acre Colorado Crossing commercial, retail and entertainment development on the Springs' far north side.

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