Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Nonprofit CEO compensation study

A survey released Aug. 1 of the nation's 5,242 largest charities shows CEOs who work for nonprofit educational institutions make more money than their counterparts in any other nonprofit sector.

Charity Navigator's annual report concludes the average annual salary for the head of a charitable educational organization is $234,595, compared with an arts CEO, who averages $187,341, health organizations at $151,566 and animal-focused organizations, $106,750.

Of all the salaries tracked by the nonprofit industry analyst, the highest in the nation is $5.66 million, paid to the president emeritus at Boston University. The second-highest goes to the emeritus chancellor for health affairs at Duke, $4 million. The third-highest is $3.6 million to the clinical professor of dermatology at Columbia University.

On average, CEOs of nonprofits in the nation earn an average salary of $145,270, a pay raise of 2.34 percent over 2006.

CEOs working in the mountain west states that include Colorado earn an annual average of $120,013, according to the study. That's an increase of nearly 4 percent over last year.

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