Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Air Force Academy film on hold

The Air Force Academy may be ready for a close-up, but Hollywood is holding off.
“Bring Me Men,” an independent film that was planned to begin shooting in May at the academy, will now be put off for a year, said Charles Morrison, the film’s producer.
“It’s very disappointing,” he said. “We were anxiously looking forward to working with the Air Force this summer.”
Morrison said the financing he had in place when he announced the $6 million project in November 2007, was no longer available. He tried to secure new financial backers, but couldn’t in time to meet the scheduled filming window that would capture graduation at the end of May and the start of basic training for new cadets in June. Instead, he asked the Air Force for an extension so the project could film next year.
Morrison said he’s still searching for funding.
“It’s just a difficult time this year to raise money,” he said.
“Bring Me Men” is a fictional retelling of the arrival of the first women cadets at the academy in 1976. The title refers to the famous motto at the academy’s Terrazzo entrance, which was removed in 2003 and replaced by the academy’s core values.
Academy spokesman Johnny Whitaker said the one-year delay was by mutual agreement.
Tom Como, the film’s co-producer, said the project would have meant 60 to 70 jobs for local crewmembers.
“To be honest with you, it’s one of the few feature films that was actually going to come here,” he said.
Como said he’s confident that “Bring Me Men” will be a go next year.
Colorado Springs film commissioner Kim Griffis said it will be better for the Springs that the producers wait until everything is in place to begin filming.
“Even though it’s a kink in the wheels, it’s still going to move forward,” she said.

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