Thursday, May 22, 2008

They say expressway, we say parkway

At the risk of being picky, why can't some large, out-of-town corporations get street names and other landmarks accurate when they're talking about Colorado Springs? A few months ago, Costco Wholesale Club, based in suburban Seattle, described the location of its first Colorado Springs store as Colorado Springs East -- a location that, like Colorado Springs North and Colorado Springs South, doesn't exist. Last week, Oregon-based Hollywood Theaters announced the opening of its new, 14-screen movie theater complex on the Springs' far north side and described its location as "Interstate 25 and Interquest Boulevard." Well, no, it's InterQuest Parkway -- and you can capitalize the "Q" in InterQuest while you're at it. This month, aerospace giant Northrop Grumman notified the news media of a ribbon cutting for its new office building "east of the Powers Boulevard and Milton Proby Expressway." Some people might drive as if it's an expressway, but, as a photo (above) from its April 2006 dedication shows, it's really Milton E. Proby Parkway. Everybody makes mistakes, of course. But let's just be glad that folks at these companies don't quit their day jobs to become map makers.

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