Monday, July 17, 2006

Bach is back flying solo

Steve Bach, a veteran Colorado Springs commercial real estate broker, has left Sierra Commercial Real Estate and re-launched his own brokerage. Bach (right) and Sierra, which is composed of several high-profile members of the old Palmer McAllister Co., had merged in December 2004. Bach says he accomplished most of his three-year business plan goals in 18 months while with Sierra, including selling and re-selling the Patriot Park office and business park on the Springs' east side. At 63, Bach says he's reducing his workload in half to about 10 long-term clients. "It's a point in my career where I feel I have to focus on long-term relationships," Bach said. But, he added, he expects to still do business with Sierra. Broker Michael Helwege has joined Bach at Bach Real Estate Partners.

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