Tuesday, July 18, 2006

An energy-saving idea

It's not an extreme makeover, but an energy makeover. One Colorado Springs homeowner is in line for more than $20,000 in new windows, appliances, insulation and other home improvements as part of a promotion sponsored by Colorado Springs Utilities and the Colorado Energy Science Center, a non-profit group offering consumer information on home energy use. Springs Utilities is contracting with the Energy Science Center for $16,900. The Energy Science Center then will administer a contest in which one utility customer will win more than $20,000 in home upgrades from other co-sponsors contributing appliances, insulation services, a home energy audit and the like. By participating, CSU hopes to help customers learn more about saving energy and conservation, said utility spokesman Steve Berry. The contest is open only to customers of Springs Utilities and runs through Sept. 15. More information: http://smartenergyliving.org/ecm/Contest/Colorado_Springs_06.html

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Victoria said...

Cool contest (and they had it last year too!) ... Do they promote this anywhere?

Perhaps I should qualify -> do they promote it outside of as an insert when we get our bills!?