Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Gas-saving devices don't really save

Buyer beware -- the Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado has issued a warning to consumers about gas-saving devices -- they may not work. Not only that, but they can damage your car, the BBB says.

Products that allegedly boost mileage by 6 mpg or imporve fuel economy up to 26 percent or are approved by the federal government "for the most part are without merit," the BBB reports.

The Environmental Protection Agency has tested more than 100 of the claimed fuel economy devices -- including mixture enhancers and fuel line magnets -- and found that very few, if any, improve gas mileage. And some may actually damage a car's engine or increase exhaust emissions, the BBB says.


Anonymous said...

The show MythBusters did a whole episode on these devices - trying to find one that worked... All the ones they tested didn't appear to have any positive impact on gas mileage.

Anonymous said...

i have a tornado fuel saver installed on my f-150. its a round device with stationary blades that whirl the incoming air into the engine. this thing i have to admit DOES improve my gas milage by 2 mpg!! i have been hearing about a tablet that you put into your gas tank and its supposed to boost gas milage. from what i heard, the person that invented the tablet was bought out by our government to keep people from saving gas andnot paying as much between fillups. has anyone heard about this tablet? sounds intresting if it does in fact work!