Monday, August 14, 2006

Stock listings: what's up?

In case you didn't see the correction in Sunday's Gazette, the stock listings in Saturday's Business section were not correct. They were a quite old list that a production worker mistakenly selected. Once in a while this happens so to be sure you can compare the Market prices on the front of the section with the ones on the first page of stocks and if they don't match, the stock listings are likely wrong. The Business editors check the numbers on the cover, the production workers later in the evening are responsible for the listings.

Which brings up another topic: do you actively use printed stock listings or rely more on the ones on the Internet? Would you rather see fewer stock listings in The Gazette in exchange for more news stories about stocks? It's something worth our consideration.


V said...

I would love to see more business articles instead of stock price listings... I would think that if you're really following stocks - getting ready to place a trade order - you're online getting the current price info and latest news on that company.

As it is - I generally read the first page and the back page of the business section - and skip the inside stock pages...

Anonymous said...