Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Eve of Destruction?

The Housing & Building Association of Colorado Springs is one of those organizations that seeks to -- what else? -- hammer home its message on political issues. Through its political action committee, the HBA recently sent out its recommendations on candidates and ballot issues for the Nov. 7 election. When it comes to Issues 200 and 201, the latest tax-and-spending limitation proposals authored by El Paso County Commissioner Douglas Bruce and which take aim at city government finances, the HBA said the following: "We are again at war and the stakes are high. Issue 200 and Issue 201 will bring our community to its knees. Issue 200 and Issue 201 will destroy Colorado Springs as we know it." Whew. That cataclysmic prediction was signed by Ralph Braden, a vice president with Nor'wood Development Group; Scott Smith, chief operating officer of La Plata Investments; and Doug Stimple, chief executive officer of Classic Cos. All three real estate companies are based in the Springs. www.cshba.com

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