Thursday, December 28, 2006

Talk about your incentives

Mike Kazmierski, president of the Colorado Springs Economic Development Corp. for a little more than a year, has said several times the Springs needs to boost its business incentive packages if it hopes to compete with offers being made by cities and states around the country. Here's the headline over a Dec. 21 news item that caught Kazmierski's eye, and which he forwarded to The Gazette:

"N.Y. approves $650M in aid for AMD microchip plant"

The story, from the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal, goes on to detail that a New York state panel approved a $650 million funding package to aid construction of an Advanced Micro Devices Inc. computer microchip plant in a business park in upstate New York. AMD tentatively agreed last summer to build the $3.2 billion plant, but a deal isn't yet final and company officials were counting on the state's aid package, according to the story.

Colorado and Colorado Springs rarely ante up that kind of money, although the state and Denver did offer $237 million in 1991 to try and land a United Airlines maintenance facility that ultimately went to Indianapolis.

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