Friday, February 9, 2007

Springs company gets Grammy Award exposure

The term "goody bag" will take on a whole new meaning for the owners and staff of Colorado Springs-based Green Mountain Audio on Feb. 11 when the company brochure is included in the 250 gift bags given to each presenter and awardee at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. It will also get tucked into the gift bags at the Latin Grammy Awards later this year.

Green Mountain Audio ( was established in 1988 by physicist and speaker design pioneer Roy Johnson and is focused on creating "the ultimate in analog tube sound" with a two channel stereo system that includes state of the art speaker design by Green Mountain Audio. The brochure was in progress when Chae Chong (Metrotech Group LLC) heard the speakers at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. He deemed them as "the best in the world." The brochure idea surfaced in late 2006 during a talk between an EVtek principal and one of their clients, "Lady J," a voting member of the Grammy Awards. Chong believes this is the first time such a brochure has been included in Grammy gift bags.

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