Friday, May 25, 2007

Critics blast Springs liveability

Colorado Springs has been getting a bad rap on Sperling's Best Places Web site message board, despite the city guide ranking the Springs fourth-best metro area in America.

Some comments from people living here:
  • "Only good if you're rich."
  • "I've lived in Colorado Springs most of my life. Over the years it has become too expensive to live here. There are no good jobs. If you want a job, you have to work minimum wage."
  • "The military doesn't help because the soldiers work, too, so you have to fight them for jobs even though they make decent money from being in the military and they get plenty of discounts in town!"
  • "All in all this is only a good place to live if you have the money. Otherwise, go somewhere else!!"
  • "The cost of housing is outrageous. The average house is $223k. Houses in good school districts are $350k+. We can afford to buy a house here, but decided not to b/c we hope to leave in 2 yrs or so. That's as long as we can take it."
  • "The people here are somewhat nice (but not overly so). If you're expecting smiles and someone making light conversation--don't. No one goes out of their way. Think long and hard about moving here!!!"
  • "I do not know any metro area with half a million people that doesnt have a bypass around its city."

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Mike K said...

For those that have lived here "most of their life" they just don't know how good they have it. The high rankings of Colorado Springs are just that rankings with other cities that have the same issues and challenges that we have, growth, job needs, housing costs etc.

If someone wants to complain about our community based on their memory of the "good old days" here in Colorado Springs my suggestion is get a life or go to somewhere that's better, my guess is that you won't find a community even close to our size that competes.

If you want no traffic or cheap housing then there are plenty of other places to live. But if you choose to remain in America's best big to city to live, according to Money Magazine, then stop complaining, appreciate what we have and get involved, do something to help to fix the things that we can improve.

Many of us that have lived in countless other places appreciate what a great place Colorado Springs is to live and raise a family. We're proud of our community. It's time to look forward not back and do what we can to make a difference.