Monday, May 21, 2007

New survey shows stress of Denverites

Quick, what's the top city for stress? New York? Right. What's second? Denver? Right.

At least according to a new national survey released May 21 by health insurance provider CIGNA HealthCare.

Denver was one of eight cities studied in the Health and Well-Being in America Survey of 2,350 people. While the results show Denver residents believe they are in pretty good shape healthwise, they're also totally stressed out -- as much as people living in Washington D.C.

Sixty-one percent of Denver residents polled said they're in excellent or very good health, and 83 percent believe others would say they're in good shape. That's the highest percentage reported, beating the national average of 73 percent.

But 29 percent of Denver residents polled said they become irritable when stressed, surpassing the national average of 25 percent. The only other city that reported the same percentage as Denver was Washington, D.C.

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