Monday, July 30, 2007

Former Albertsons becoming a Ross

A former Albertsons supermarket in Security is being transformed into a Ross clothing store. The new Ross at 302 Main St. is slated to open in early October.

Supervalu Inc., owner of the Albertsons grocery chain, closed the Albertsons in Security last summer along with two stores in Colorado Springs. Since then, Ross Stores, Inc. has announced an agreement to acquire certain leasehold rights to 46 former Albertsons sites in Colorado, California, Florida, Texas, Arizona and Oklahoma. While former Albertsons in Boulder and Highlands Ranch are also being remade into Ross stores, there’s no plan to do so with the two empty stores in the Springs, a spokeswoman said.


Anonymous said...

the rustic hills ross is right accross the street from the old albertsons...too bad supervalue couldn't put a cub foods or even a save a lot store there...the shopping center needs a new facelift!

brian said...

is there any truth to a warehouse foodcenter going into the old king soopers location at platte/murray?