Wednesday, September 26, 2007

E85 pump locations

Saturday's article on the confusion drivers are having with the introduction of yellow E85 pumps left many readers wondering which fueling stations in Colorado Springs offer E85. Here's the list:

Acorn Food Store, 305 S. 8th St.
Chief Petroleum, 301 S. 10th St.
Farm Crest 1st Stop, 2105 W. Colorado Ave.
Farm Crest 1st Stop, 5050 Boardwalk Drive
Western Convenience, 2507 E. Platte Ave.
Western Convenience, corner of Union and Briargate boulevards

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Dr Energee said...

A directory that lists all current E85 locations in Colorado is available through The directory, issued quarterly, also contains facts and figures about ethanol and a list of 2007/2008 FlexFuel Vehicles.

There is also a database but you must be a registered user to access.