Friday, September 7, 2007

Fountain Creek watershed an inspiration

A recent Gazette story about a new Army Corps of Engineers report that recommends safeguards for Fountain Creek (right) and how those controls might affect residential and commercial development served as a reminder to Colorado Springs resident Bob Wearden about the significance of the Fountain Creek watershed. Wearden, a retiree who has self-published two books of poetry, took note of the Fountain Creek watershed in a poem he wrote in 2001. He recently sent a copy to The Gazette, and gave his permission for its publication. He calls it "Watershed Event," and it goes like this:

We know about the jumping frog

of Calaveras County,

But something's even more agog

Here in the Rocky Mountains.

Many things in the region...

Pikes Peak and Seven Falls,

Bring tourists by the legion,

But far above them all...

The celebrated watershed

Of mighty Fountain Creek,

Of which we locals bow our heads

And reverently speak.

You know it by the signage

You see all over town.

Provides us with the drainage,

Without which we would drown.

When rain clouds gather overhead,

Or snowfall comes our way,

We know our trusty watershed

Will send it all away.

We need another festival

To help us pay the rent.

Let's start another festival --

A Watershed Event!

We'll start a watershed website

We'll put it on the net.

So Londoners and Denverites

Can visit without getting wet!

Forget about the culture

NORAD, the rocks of red.

Forget the Starr Kempf sculpture

Celebrate the watershed!

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