Thursday, September 6, 2007

Smoothie King opens in Springs

Three Colorado Springs residents have opened a Smoothie King at 9275 N. Union Blvd., in the King Soopers shopping center at the Marketplace at Briargate. The store offers more than 50 made-to-order smoothies plus healthy living products such as energy bars and vitamin supplements. Smoothie King is a New Orleans-based franchise company with roughly 450 stores in 34 states.


Anonymous said...

If there are only 450 stores then that makes Smoothie King have a 50% closure rate on their stores. I don't think that is a good average at all fact is that is a very high closing average and one better be careful of investing in a business with this kind of francheese closing rate.

Means you can't make money at it.

Anonymous said...

Like this smoothies king look at the Wild Wings 'N things that are closing too, The Tejon store is the 4th store this year that failed. N. Academy, South Academy at Hancock, Tejon, and Circle at Galley. This is not counting the stores that have changed hands in the last year... Something is wrong with the Franchise that can't keep its owners or stay open. If you ask the Franchiser why “owners are bailing or failing” they will lie about each instance. Talk to the original owners (and each owner that bought and bailed) of these stores and you will see a common thread of a failing Franchise system.