Monday, January 7, 2008

BBB eye shut

The Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado's "BBB Eye" monthly TV show on Comcast Channel 2 has been canceled. The show shared consumer tips and interviews with local business people. However, Comcast discontinued production of local shows effective Jan. 1, and so the BBB show was forced off the air.


briansmac said...

why can't Comcast bring back 7news and fox31 from denver? Like news4 and 9news, there is plenty of denver news and shows on those stations that are not on the locals. I beleive our broadcasters should let the denver channels broadcast here locally on cable. I do not see a problem with watching denver commercials here in the springs.

Anonymous said...

I think Comcast should allow Channels 7 and FOX 31 as well. Then when there is no news past the "A" block on the local stations, we can watch more professional presentations.

I'm glad the BBB show was cancelled. The few times a watched a couple of minutes of it, it was like watching 2 people on downers.....verrrrrryyyy slooooowwwwwww and mechanical!

Anonymous said...

the bbb show is a solid idea. with work it can be presented on one of the "four" local news shows