Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Top 10 fastest growing occupations in the U.S.

Thinking of changing careers? You might want to think health care. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the top 10 fastest growing occupations in the nation through 2014, ranked by percentage of growth, are:

1) Home health aides, 59 percent growth

2) Network systems and data communications analysts, 54.6 percent growth

3) Medical assistants, 52.1 percent growth

4) Physicians, 49.6 percent growth

5) Computer software engineers -- applications, 48.4 percent growth

6) Physical therapist assistants, 44.2 percent growth

7) Dentists, 43.3 percent growth

8) Computer software engineers -- systems software, 43 percent growth

9) Dental assistants, 42.7 percent growth

10) Personal and home health care workers, 41 percent growth

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Anonymous said...

I am a Computer Engineer and have been in the Tech field for 20 years. Over half of those years have been spent in school, being unemployed or both. I am not going to disparage anyone who really wants to be an Engineer to go through what many Engineers seem to go through to "make it." I suggest before you listen to any expert who says there is a demand for a certain "Hot Job," go down to the unemployment office and talk to the ones standing in line to see what they do. Then, go speak to those who are currently working in the "Hot Job" and see what they say. watch out for the word "qualified" in front of "workers," that means they want a degree plus five years experience. This means you are dedicating nearly 10 years of work just to "get in the door."