Monday, July 3, 2006

Are you reading this blog because you can't concentrate at work today?

Is half your office out on vacation? Is the other half, who are physically in the office, on vacation mentally? Are you reading this blog because you are finding it impossible to focus on work today?

According to a global consulting agency, July 3 could rank along Christmas Eve day and New Year's Eve day as the least productive workdays of the year. Still, more than half of all companies surveyed across the nation will be open for business today.

"With the national observance of Independence Day on Tuesday, workers around the country will try to get a four-day weekend out of it by taking off Monday. Those who were not quick enough to request the day off may be less productive that day, seeing it as a day to 'take it easy,'"said John A. Challenger, chief executive office with glooutplacementment consultancy.

Several human resource executives noted that while they are open for business on Monday, many workers are taking the day off as part of their annual paid leave. As a result, these companies may find that being open does not necessarily mean it will be a normal day in terms of productivity. And Since many vendors and customers are enjoying a four-day weekend, there is a good chance that not much normal business will be accomplished.

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