Thursday, July 6, 2006

Real property for real people

There are no games to play, no chat rooms and certainly no photos of Brittney or Paris. But when it comes to popularity, the El Paso County Assessor's Office Web site and its real estate search page have the sort of following that rivals celebrities. County Assessor John Bass (right), who's been recognized for his ongoing efforts to make public information available to the public, says the property search page received 26.5 million parcel inquires in 2005. Those inquiries included visitors who examined property characteristics and who used the page's nifty parcel mapping feature. In addition, 765,000 visitors bookmarked the site, Bass said. For tax assessment purposes, the Assessor's Office catalogues every piece of real property in the county -- from single-family homes, to shopping centers, to office buildings to vacant land. Web site visitors who type in a street address or a parcel schedule number can find the size and age of a house or other piece of real estate, purchase prices over the years and names of owners, among other information. The mapping feature also plots the property's exact location. Homeowners and sellers also can click on the "comparable search" link, which takes them to a page where they can compare home sale prices.

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Anonymous said...

Very pleased with the ease of use and extent of information on the EPC Property Search site. Why why why are the other Colorado counties not following suit???