Friday, July 7, 2006

The top veteran-related charities

It's probably not suprising that researcher Charity Navigator reports a high percentage of military and veteran- type charities spend way too much money on fundraising and not enough on supporting their causes.

Here are Charity Navigator's five best recommendations:

  1. Fisher House Foundation, spends 94 percent of donations it receives on program to assist families in need of lodging.
  2. Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust, spends 93 percent of contributions on program that helps disabled veterans and their families through support of physical and psychological rehabilitation programs, specific disabilities such as amputation and blindness, and shelter for homeless veterans.
  3. Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation, spends 99 percent on program that aids children of Marines or federal law enforcement personnel who were killed or died on duty at home or abroad.
  4. Coast Guard Foundation, spends 83.5 percent of funding on program that supports the morale and education of men and women of the U.S. Coast Guard and Coast Guard Academy.
  5. Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation, spends 75 percent of donations on providing scholarships for higher education to children of U.S. Marine Corps, particularly those whose parent was killed or wounded in action.

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Anonymous said...

You should look into the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund ( More than 90% goes to injured Marines and their families.