Monday, July 10, 2006

Baring it all for 31 years

This week, July 10-16, marks the 31st anniversary of Nude Recreation Week The purpose of the week is to inform and educate people about "all the fun they are missing out on by not taking nude vactions," according to
The American Association for Nude Recreation. (Yes, there is a national association for nudists.)

Nude recreation is one of the fastest growing segments of the travel industry, according to Nude vacationers now have choices such as cruises (on such lines as Holland America, Carnival, and Star Flyer sponsored by The Nude Cruise Company Bare Necessities of Austin, Texas), upscale resorts, and rural campgrounds and clubs.

The most popular clothing optional resorts are located in warm parts of the country; most notably Palm Springs, Calif., and Florida. But there are some Colorado locations where you can bare all.

Resorts, clubs, camps:
Mountain Air Ranch - Littleton
Wild Woods Resort - Calhan

Natural hot springs:
Dakota Hot Springs - Penrose
Orient Land Trust (Valley View Hot Springs) - Villa Grove


V said...

I think it might be easier for a small interest group to show a large growth rate...


Anonymous said...

No pun intended, I am sure....