Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Check out HMO, PPO satisfaction rates

A Consumer Reports National Research Center study rates experiences with HMOs and PPOs. Results are published in the September issue of Consumer Reports magazine.
Overall, 67 percent of 37,000 survey respondents said they were completely or very satisfied with their health insurance plan, up from 64 percent in a 2004 survey.
The reasons? Problems getting a doctor’s appointment: 10 percent.
Problems with billing errors: 21 percent.
Problems with primary care provider: 25 percent.
Problems with getting help from insurance company: 36 percent.
Of Colorado’s HMO plans, Kaiser Permanent Colorado ranked highest, with an overall satisfaction score of 81 percent, out of 100 percent. Pacificare of Colorado ranked next, with 75 percent satisfaction.
On the PPO list are UnitedHealthcare with 74 percent satisfaction, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Colorado with 73 percent satisfaction, CIGNA HealthCare, 72 percent, Humana, 71 percent and GreatWest Healthcare, 69 percent.

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