Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Denver Mr. Biggs still in the works

Establishing a Mr. Biggs Family Fun Center in Denver is taking longer than originally thought.

“Denver is going slowly, but still happening,” said Matt Van Auken, chief operating officer for Bigg City/Mr. Biggs.

Mr. Biggs Family Fun Center opened in Colorado Springs in 2005. This year co-owner Steve Bigari announced plans to expand the home-grown brand to Denver, with a Mr. Biggs opening there by the end of September.

“Not everything goes according to Bigari Standard Time,” Van Auken said in an e-mail. An opening in summer 2008 is now envisioned.

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Anonymous said...

Denver needs more family places. With the closing of Jillian's in Colorado Mills Mall, there are less and less places.

But, I really wish Mr. Biggs would fix up the BattleTech simulators. We use to drive down there just for that. But, they are in such disrepair, it is just not worth the drive.

Lucky for us in Denver, some Battle Tech Firestorm virtual reality simulators opened up here
We now are meeting about a dozen players that drive up from Denver because Mr Biggs simulators are in such a state of disrepair.