Thursday, June 22, 2006

Bring your dog to work ... but safely

Friday is the eighth annual Bring Your Dog to Work Day celebration and Sarah Fricke, training director at Canine Campus (formerly Top Dog), makes the point that if you want there to be a ninth at your workplace you need to observe some sense of doggie decorum.

*Plan ahead and have a place picked out for your dog to be during the work day. Make sure the spot is comfortable, and out of the way. You may want to tether your dog to this spot by attaching a leash to something sturdy like a desk or a door knob. This way you can have your dog with you and have both hands free to get work done.

*Bring something for your dog to do. Most dogs will get antsy sitting around all day. A toy stuffed with peanut butter or cream cheese and then frozen will help to keep them busy during the work day. A favorite bone or chewie can do the trick as well.

*Make sure to exercise your dog thoroughly before heading off to work. This will help them calm down sooner when arriving at work. It will also help ensure that they won't have any embarrassing potty accidents in the workplace.

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Franny said...

You have the neatest workplace. Wish they were that 'open' about those things around here. Take care!