Monday, June 19, 2006

A Costo here, a Costco there

Costco Wholesale, the nation's largest members-only wholesale club, is coming to Colorado Springs. It's just a question of when -- and perhaps where.

Company officials have said they plan to build a store as part of the North Nevada Avenue urban renewal project, and the store would co-anchor the proposed University Village retail center northwest of Nevada and Austin Bluffs Parkway.

But company officials also have said in the past they're considering locations for a second site, although they haven't been available for comment on where that search stands.

Chuck Miller, consultant for the Colorado Springs Urban Renewal authority, said it will take time to get the North Nevada redevelopment project off the ground. As a result, Miller said he wouldn't be surprised if Costco winds up opening a store somewhere else in the Springs before it cuts the ribbon on a North Nevada location, which could come in the first quarter of 2008.

Likely locations for a second Costco would be fast-growing retail corridors such as Powers or North Academy boulevards.

But where would Costco customers like to see the retailer locate in the Springs?


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briansmac said...

Powers and Galley looks to me like an ideal spot. I just hope costco does a better job with gas prices than sams club has been doing. What a disappointmet sam's has been to me and everyone I know. I realize that a private contractor is operating both sams clubs gas stations, but if we pay yearly dues to hold a sams membership, then sams should kick in an extra discount to its customers. As it is now, we are paying just as much or sometimes more than other gas stations around town.