Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Flying out of Springs airport?

Weight restrictions are having an impact on summer air travel out of Colorado Springs on hot days. Has anyone out there been affected by it?

Have you experienced longer than normal delays on a flight departing the Colorado Springs Airport? Have you gotten bumped because the airline had to lighten its load in order to take off?

Have you bought a non-stop ticket on a flight out of Colorado Springs, but your flight made an additional stop in route to refuel? Have you arrived at your final travel destination earlier or later than scheduled because the airlines redirected you through another connecting city?

The reason some aircraft have to lighten up before they take off is that the airport is using its shorter runways while the main, long runway is under repair. The shorter runways make it tougher for some aircraft to take off on hot days unless they get rid of some weight. For more information, read today's business section.

Meanwhile let us know if you have experienced any of these problems this summer. Contact the reporter:

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