Friday, December 22, 2006

Snow gets some in the spirit

Matt Chmielarczyk didn’t mind making the commute to work as sales manager at Mountain Chalet on Wednesday.

“We’re a mountaineering shop. We should be open when it snows,” he said.

And he got a nice holiday bonus. Every employee who went to work at the downtown shop during the blizzard got paid double time, said owner Dan Foster.

“Even though sales were down, we stepped up to thank the ones that made the effort to come in,” Foster said.

The shop closed early, 5 p.m. instead of 8 p.m. on Wednesday. Sales were stagnant, and Foster believes retail activity was simply lost to the forces that be.

“Compared to a typical week before Christmas it’s terribly slow, and I don’t think those sales will be made up. It hurts, but what are you going to do?”

Foster is counting on fellow shopping procrastinators to be out in full force post-blizzard.

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