Thursday, October 12, 2006

Military marching onward

Wednesday's 10th annual Southern Colorado Economic Forum, a large-scale event that tallies the economy and quality of life in the region in the past year, yielded updates about the expanding Fort Carson Army post.

Brig. Gen. Anne Macdonald, deputy commanding general at Fort Carson, said the post is preparing for an increase of 10,000 soldiers, not including family members, in the next two years. The total number of troops stationed at the Army base will balloon to 25,000. Sixty percent are married and have family members, and one-third will live on post.

The local economic impact of Fort Carson currently is nearly $1 billion annually, she said, including $662.1 million in military payroll, $147.4 million in civilian payroll,$60 million in operations, $13 million in utilities, $167.1 million in military procurement, $40 million for TriCare health insurance and $1.5 million for tuition assistance.

Fort Carson is responsible for 10 percent of all economic activity in Colorado Springs, Macdonald said.

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