Friday, October 13, 2006

Let's talk Colorado

The new state tourism marketing and advertising campaign was unveiled at the 2006 Governor's Tourism Conference in Keystone on Thursday. The campaign still awaits approval from the Colorado Tourism Board, which is expected next week.

MMG Worldwide developed the campaign, titled "Let's Talk Colorado," to have a more focused marketing strategy to target specific demographics to visit the state, said Clayton Ried, MMG president and managing partner. The campaign will not target specific cities, but rather focus on activities such as wine tasting, hiking or skiing, which may feature Colorado Springs area attractions. Ried said he was very interested in pursuing heritage tourism, which focuses on visitors interested in seeing historic or cultural attractions and locations.

The advertising company, with an office in Fort Collins, hopes the campaign will bring 30 million visitors to the state over time.

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V said...

"Let's talk Colorado?"

Is that some type of AM TV talk show?