Monday, October 9, 2006

News from Out West

The Santa Fe Motel, 3 Manitou Ave., has reopened with three of the 23 cottage units being converted to long-term residential use by new owners Denise Cohen and Elizabeth Petropoulos. They eventually plan to add kitchens to the other motel units to increase the inventory of affordable rentals in Manitou.The motel had been in foreclosure with First Community Bank since the arrest of former owner Charles Bynum for possession and distribution of methamphetamine 14 months ago. The bank hired an environmental contractor to clean and decontaminate the unit used as a meth lab before making the sale in July.

Elsewhere, Gina Tompkins and Mary Barr have opened Mom's Too Envy at 2616 W. Colorado Ave., a maternity store that also will sell baby items.

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